About the Artist

Paul Bacskoczky is
of  the
Garden State Taxidermist Association

Member of t
New England Taxidermists Association

United Taxidermy Association
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
United Bow Hunters of New Jersey

At Paul’s Taxidermy,  detail is number
one.  Rising above the "production
shops" you will find no difference in the
work I do for the customer as I do for my
competition pieces. The same attention to
detail is put into everything I create.
I specialize in North American, African,
Asian, Exotic game heads and  life size
mammals, as well as custom, one-of-a-
kind mounts that appeal to the
discriminating sportsman. Through a
combination of habitat scenery and your
mount I can recreate the spirit of nature.
This will allow your trophy to be displayed
at its very best.

Being a self taught taxidermist
, I honed
my craft by attending seminars and
workshops with some of the world’s best
taxidermists such as Joe Meder,  Bill Yox
and Fred Vandeburgh to name a few
, now
I am teaching others.
 I currently serve as  
President of the Garden State Taxidermist

I started my competition work winning 1st
place finishes and best of categories in
the amateur, professional
, masters and
now the Division of Excellence
. I have
over the years aquired many top state
awards with over 75% of the mounts used
in competitions are customer pieces.

Choosing a Taxidermist

The procedures used in taxidermy are
somewhat standardized. It is the
technique used by taxidermists that
one taxidermist from another.

The professional taxidermist has the
ability to capture anatomical accuracy.
They also pay close attention to detail in
their finished work, bringing your trophy
to life.
There are hundreds of taxidermists. Some
are hobbyists learning on your trophy.
Others are commercial shops  where the
goal is to get your trophy in and out and
get paid. The select are the professionals.
These are the ones that have you in mind
and are willing to devote the attention to
detail required for a trophy class mount.
I’m proud to be in this select group.
Selecting a taxidermist should be as
important to you as was choosing your
outfitter for your hunt. Always visit their
work place.
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