Taxidermy Awards
2002 Best of Show  Amateur Division
2004 NoonkesterBoar Award
2005 Best of Show  Masters Division  Whitetail Deer
    Rayline Award  Best Life size
    Wasco Award
    Best of Show  Commercial Division
2006 Bruchac Award  Best Whitetail of Show
    Rittles E-Z Tan Award
    Ramsey Outdoors  Best of Show
    McKenzie Taxidermy Supply
    Taxidermist Choice  Life size
    Rocky Mountain Elk Award
2007 Van Dykes Award
     Best of Show  Commerical
     NTA Distinguished Service Award
2008 Joe Coombs Award
    McKenzie Taxidermy Supply
    Taxidermist Choice  Whitetail
    Presidents Challange  Best Red Fox of Show
    Hog Haven Award
    McKenzie Distinguished Service Award
2009 Breakthrough Award  Judges Choice
     Best of Show  Whitetail Deer
    Wasco Award
    McKenzie Taxidermy Supply
    Taxidermist Choice  Whitetail deer
2011 Division of Excellence  Best of Show
    McKenzie Taxidermy Supply
    Taxidermist Choice   Whitetail Deer
     10 Best of Category
     21 First Place Blue Ribbons
     12 Second Place Ribbons
     4 Third Place Ribbons
Garden State Taxidermist Association
New England Association of Taxidermist
United Taxidermist of New York
2005 World Taxidermist Convention and Competition
Seminars  Given

Mounting a Whitetail Deer   Garden State and N.E.A.T. Association Conventions
Mounting a Wild Boar   Garden State Association and Convention
Whitetail Finishing   Garden State Association and Convention
2 Day  Deer and Duck  Seminar
1 Day Deer and Duck Seminar